62: very serious


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62: very serious


Two Telepaths Verse
[staring into space, lost in thought]

Lab Rat Verse

[mouse inside a cage, watching you]
[scurrying across a table towards you]
[listless in his cage, not well]
[worried] Cheese was never an option?
[this mouse can hear your thoughts]
[lab rat Charles is watching you]

Canon Posts

Something is not quite right here.
Entirely possible it was an illusion.
Discussing ants and relationships with Hank Pym
Meeting Agent Coulson
Dr. Watson is recruited for a science lesson
His twin is afraid of the oatmeal
Sean fell into the bushes again
An Erik look-a-like from the past
Zira trying to use a cellphone
His twin is smoking
Charles drunk calls Raven who picks him up and takes him home
Spring is in the backyard
Helping a beat up Remy Lebeau
Charles goes to see Dr. Watson
Big Bang Theory crossover of epicness
Chance dream meeting
63 verses collide
Carried off by a giant
Held up by Wesley from Wanted
Shocker trying to rob Xavier
Held by Peter Petrelli's telekinesis
[moving you involuntarily with his mind]
[at pub, sipping scotch, watching people]
[reading in his study, quiet night]
Who left these cupcakes sitting here?
[Hurt and bleeding, on the ground]
[Charles being contemplative in his chair]
Good to be home, I suppose
Just! ...give me a moment...please.
Whoa, sis...nice dance moves!
Know what we're going to do today?
...have some respect for the dying...
All metal wheelchair? Very bad idea.
[catatonic, unresponsive, inside his own mind]
Don't believe we've met. Charles Xavier.
[resting his eyes, not sleeping....maybe]
[sleepwalking through the mansion, eyes closed]
...because I can read your thoughts.
[groans, hangover from the night before]
[very drunk, talking with a girl]
[practicing his abilities] No, further back...
[Charles may be missing for awhile]
[lying in a hospital bed, recovering] - mid movie, after beach incident
[he can hear what you're thinking...]
Hide and seek...mutant powers version...
I don't want to hurt you...
[winning at chess] Checkmate in five...
[in Cerebro, scanning minds....loving it]
[sleeping over his books and notes]

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Zombies: Car crash with Erik
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Rescuing Emma Frost
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62: very serious

Two Telepaths Verse

When he first meets Miss Frost, it's very obvious they are on opposite sides. Despite their differences Charles rescues her at one point from being tortured by another mutant. He also helps when she loses her memory.

After Charles is kidnapped and extremely ill, he is saved by Emma Frost and brought back home to the mansion. She surprises him after the ordeal by asking if she can switch sides and work with them. Charles agrees and she begins to teach at the school. There is a unique relationship between them, one of mutual trust and distrust. She entertains him by drawing on his cast while he's recovering from his arm being broken, which he does not mind in the least. They survive Christmas at the mansion, presents are exchanged. She manages to snare him accidentally in a trap meant for Azazel and it becomes apparent that there is definitely flirting going on from both sides. She even starts to get jealous of other girls that he tries to pick up, despite the fact Charles had never given her any expectations between the two of them.

One night, she's incredibly lonely and sneaks into his bedroom, probably expecting him to kick her out eventually. Surprisingly he doesn't kick her out and, one thing leads to another...she's gone by morning whenever he wakes up and finds the bed empty. And that would probably have been the end of it if she hadn't gotten pregnant.

Afterwards, Charles really needs a drink and to sort things out. A few people stop by to help him, including his own imagined version of Raven.

to be continued...
62: at his desk

Recently, Charles....

62: very serious

A second chance...

Charles was spending some time in Cerebro, doing his daily search for new mutants. As his mind flicked over the thousands within his reach, he found himself wondering about the man he met a few days ago. Such a tortured soul, Charles couldn't help but wonder how he was doing.

He searches for his mind, just to check up on him. Nothing more. He won't even know he's there...
62: slightly miffed

Body Horror Meme: with allthenos

Charles isn't sure how he got here, but he very much would like to be out. At the moment he's in a plexiglass type of cage, almost perfectly cube-shaped around him. There isn't a door that he can find, no matter which way he feels along the wall. There has to be a certain frequency, he hypothesizes, that the large robots use to open it up.

He's never seen such big robots before, and they seem sentient. Before he can marvel over them long though, he finds out why he's in this cage. He's going to be experimented on. Charles can almost hear Erik echoing his words from before. "What an adorable lab rat you make..." as a robotic arm reaches through the cube with a large needle on the end.

Charles tries to avoid it but there's not too many places to go in his cage and eventually has to accept defeat and be injected. Talking does him no good, the robots just ignore him and move on to the next experiment. Charles rubs the sore spot on his neck and hopes nothing bad is going to happen. He looks over at the next cage, seeing a new inmate being put into it for testing.